Eko-yes-ours is a word that I love because it represents our spirit of change, We don´t want to live in the economic system. Economy is based on the wrong idea of scarcity. On purpose, we don´t eko (echo) that vibration. In the world there are enough resources for everyone. And is not my. The very huge fear of loosing, that is associated to  “property” makes people sad and sick. The earth is not only us, is ours. We have to learn to live under that principle. It is going to make life more worthy. Real value. Love.

Transforming the way we live in the dominant development model for a life in a truly commensurate feeling of responsibility as human kind, on the planet´s healthy sustainability, is possible as we make conscious the collective unconscious, (which bases its relationship with abundance in the possession and fear), knowing that a world of abundant that beings in health, joy, satisfaction, creativity, and harmony is possible if we review our concepts (the way we have build our idea of the world and life) and transform our actions.

Notice: the basic substrate of the life in an economy system is the ideas of ​​scarcity of resources and private property, it seems that the word says. Eco-No-My. To evolve it, we must learn to echo  the idea that there are enough resources for all, and in the knowledge that they are ours, all the forms we use are to use and distribute them better. To align our thoughts with the concept of Eco-Yes-Ours.

To make it practical, we promote waste reduction practices (responsible consumption, reuse, recycle), going back to the land (planting, food consciousness,  Trueke, earth medicine) and remind the consciousness of being one with the planet (circles of the word, ceremonies to life, water, meditation).

We are committed to be Environorganisms, living responsibly. In the beginning is the transformation of consciousness and habits, from consumption to production of welfare. Abundance is a human right that we are now taking responsibly of.